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Haddadinco was founded in 1979 to implement the vision of its three founders Dr. Khalaf, Salim and Samir Haddadin. Through their construction enterprise, the three brothers sought to create a progressive developer capable of servicing a national infrastructure strategy that can fully support Jordan's economic ambitions.

With meticulous planning and astute company investments Haddadinco grew in size and expertise, becoming one of Jordan's leading contractors. The successful completion of several complex projects would eventually secure an impeccable reputation for the company.

Haddadinco is classified as First Grade construction contractor in buildings, electrical works, mechanical works, bridges and underpasses, refurbishment, and water and sewage systems.

When Haddadinco was established, its founders understood the highly competitive nature and the challenges in their markets. A progressive strategy, adapted to an environment of globalization, privatization and World Trade Agreement membership, would later help the company realize their forward position in their industry.

Haddadinco's turnkey projects included residential, office, commercial and industrial complexes, educational establishments, facility refurbishments, hotels, bridges and underpasses serving private and public sectors.

Aiming to minimize cost and time, and to maximize quality, the company was also set up to handle around-the-clock construction work schedules, which was unique to Jordan. Such dedication has rewarded the company with a can-do reputation and a deep resolve for achieving higher-than-usual quality standards, without placing unnecessary financial burdens on clients. The consistency of the company's work quality is delivered by a dedicated staff of 350 engineering, project management, finance, supply chain, and information technology employees.

As a knowledge organization, Haddadinco thrives on efficiency and continuously invests in state-of-the-art construction technologies, capacity building and training. This strategy helped the company realize a substantial transfer of knowledge through its various joint ventures with renowned international organizations.

The company's dynamic proprietary Construction Management Process (CMP) had been invaluable to clients seeking special project competences and quality assurance. To further realize quality gains in project execution, Haddadinco has integrated an in-house consultancy division, managed by a team of highly educated construction management professionals.

No wonder then that Haddadinco is today trusted with vital national projects requiring complex planning and execution. Since Haddadinco's establishment it was always geared up towards the delivery of innovative turnkey construction solutions for its ever more demanding clients.

"We are what we build," is a maxim that is clearly reflected in the company's portfolio, which is decorated with milestones in construction projects of different sizes and complexities.