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A successful transportation infrastructure capable of supporting business logistics in a country like Jordan is a detrimental factor in economic progress. Adequate interstate road networks act as arteries connecting and facilitating interaction and communication between the different local economies. Such developments facilitate the country’s overall forward economic transition.

Now that fast-track development is a Jordanian reality, these intelligent road networks have become an imperative. Haddadinco realized such significance early on and has acquired substantial expertise. The company executed solutions that addressed major traffic bottlenecks, congestions and road infrastructures in various challenging terrains.

Haddadinco is especially equipped for constructing and managing road and bridge projects across Jordan, while accommodating through-traffic during construction phases. As well, the company’s expertise makes it highly capable at assembling the necessary qualified human resources for delivering projects in record time; be it for highways, intersection, underpasses, bridges, culverts or the multitude of road and highway infrastructural developments.

Haddadinco implements advanced construction solutions that are tested and proven, and owns an impeccable record as a fast-track developer.