The modern concept of intelligent buildings brings life to what once seemed a static structure. From smart lighting to sophisticated air conditioning, security, communication systems, and an array of electromechanical works, buildings today assume greater functions, becoming energy-efficient, functional for work or habitat and integrating with their environment.

Haddadinco conceives of each of its electromechanical projects as a chance to breathe life into a structure. The expertise developed within the company’s cadre has helped many clients better understand their needs in a project, further developing their abilities at finding extensive functional values in structures.

Haddadinco retains highly qualified experts for installing and managing the deployment of these integral systems within their construction projects. The expertise at hand in the company is built on hands-on knowledge, acquire from executing multiple electromechanical projects of different complexities, sizes and requirements.


Projects Client Start Date Finish Date
International Exhibition Centre - Package 2 & 3 - Aqaba Aqaba Development Corporation 01-08-2023
Rosary School - Irbid National Rosary School 01-10-2019 25-11-2021
Royal Jordanian Airlines New Headquarters Royal Jordanian Airlines 27-07-2008 01-11-2011
King Hussein Cancer Center King Hussein Foundation Center 01-04-2014 01-05-2017
Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) 01-07-2017 06-01-2019
Al Taj Mall Al Tajamouat Co. 19-12-2007 30-11-2011
King Talal Military Hospital - Al Mafraq Jordanian Armed Forces 03-09-2009 30-04-2012
Jordan Kuwait Bank Extension Jordan Kuwait Bank 12-08-2001 12-04-2002
Marriott Dead Sea Extension Business Tourism Company 01-09-2006 01-08-2007
King Hussein Convention Center King Abdullah II Fund for Development 01-10-2003 10-05-2004
Madaba Inn Hotel Social Security Corporation 23-03-2003 02-07-2004