Value is in the eye of the beholder. This is another Haddadinco motto, one that is practiced thoroughly and throughout all phases of execution.


The value of a structure extends beyond the estimated life span, offering owners an extended return on their investments. Refurbishment also makes substantial environmental sense when it becomes a viable construction solution.

The company sees refurbishment as construction art and science, requiring a special eye for detail and a special talent at depicting functionality and values beyond the obvious.


Haddadinco’s expertise in this particular industry is founded on several important works that restored and breathed life back into important structures in the Kingdom.


The company’s approach to refurbishment starts from helping clients find and conceptualize their vision for an existing structure, and continues into a complete structural transformation that can generate a value of its own.


The company’s commitment to success in this area and its rejection of mediocre solutions was highly evident in its refurbishment works on the Royal Cultural Center in Amman. The fast-track project was accomplished in a record 40-day span to prep up the structure for the Arab Summit 2000. To accomplish the same feat with a normal work rhythm would have required about a 4-month delivery schedule.


The refurbishment works on Jordan Kuwait Bank’s headquarters is one of the more architecturally prominent structures that Haddadinco has recently done. This renovation work produced one of Jordan’s most aesthetically appealing structures; the bank daily operation was not interrupted while work was in progress.


Refurbishment has helped several clients turn their depreciating assets around, extending also their return on investment.

Projects Client Start Date Finish Date
Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) 01-07-2017 06-01-2019
Jordan Kuwait Bank Extension Jordan Kuwait Bank 12-08-2001 12-04-2002
King Hussein Convention Center King Abdullah II Fund for Development 01-10-2003 10-05-2004
Royal Cultural Center Municipality of Amman 05-01-2001 05-03-2001