Construction of Facilities for Amman Bus Rapid Transit System P.K.03 - Al Dawreat Intersection
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The project consisted of construction of a BRT designated rout and a first quality concrete Bridge for general public use. A BRT route with length of 683m long running from Sweileh roundabout connected to the BRT lane previously constructed in package 1.

The route comprises two lanes constructed predominately of flexible pavement with rigid pavements at stations.

Bridge Works include  grade A Fairface concrete bridge with a total length of 257m post tensioned deck slab supported on 180x120cm 8 piers and two abutment walls at both ends ,linked to existing surface roads with approach slabs and  ramps confined between retaining walls at both ends of the bridge totaling 337m in  length Including infrastructure works and modifying existing utilities and roads.

Amman, Jordan
Greater Amman Municipality
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