Looking at the 41 years of this company's history, I feel an overwhelming pride at what had been accomplished by Haddadinco .I realize how far this knowledge-based  enterprise has gone with its strategy of finding and nurturing skill-intensive and capable human resources.

Today, our reputation in contracting does not stop at delivering quality construction projects, but expands further to include a special ability at completing vital turnkey fast-track projects.

Our special standing as first choice partner in complex projects has endured from painstaking attention to detail and an uncompromising quality. Once we accept an assignment, we become one with the client's vision and we infuse our passion for work throughout all project phases.

Every project accomplished or underway increases Haddadinco's share in Jordan's development, and every new investment placed in the company aims at increasing our share in the Kingdom's progress and future.

Being all this and more has been the true stimulus for our pride.


Dr. Khalaf Hanna Haddadin,