As a learning organization itself, Haddadinco has approached the education sector with robust attitude and a deeper passion.


The company’s founders would always pay more attention to the specialized needs of this sector because education plays the greater role in shaping the country’s future.


Haddadinco’s approach for this sector is to digest client needs and requirements, sometimes even entering into projects at concept development level to help them tackle foreseeable challenges or limitations and avoid unnecessary costs.


The company’s backlog included projects in the public and private sectors, ranging from schools to advanced educational institutions.


Over the years, Haddadinco’s extensive expertise helped several clients find greater values in a construction partner than was usually expected.


The company is especially proud to have been an effective partner in this vital Jordanian sector.

Projects Client Start Date Finish Date
Rosary School - Irbid National Rosary School 01-10-2019 25-11-2021
Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) 01-07-2017 06-01-2019
Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Royal Court Economic Department 02-07-2005 20-06-2006
Institute of Financial Studies Institute of Financial Studies 10-03-1993 01-03-1994
Amman Academy Al Fahaweneh Co. 20-05-1992 20-05-1993
Baq'a School UN 07-04-1992 07-04-1993
Prince Hassan & Princess Rahma Schools –Zarqa Ministry of Public Works and Housing 07-04-1991 07-04-1992
Al Batrawi & Hay Masoum & Zarqa Schools Ministry of Education 07-04-1991 07-04-1992
Abdel Hamid Sharaf School Mary and Dahdah Co 10-07-1990 10-07-1992
Lub School – Ma’daba Ministry of Education 07-04-1988 07-04-1989
Tawfeq aboul Huda School Ministry of Education 07-04-1988 07-04-1989
Al Hoseniya School & Mo’ta & Theniya & Median School Ministry of Education 09-08-1986 09-08-1987
Al Kaser & Al Thalaga Schools Ministry of Education 09-04-1986 09-12-1986
Al Tafela School Ministry of Education 07-04-1986 07-04-1987
Al Karak School Ministry of Education 07-04-1986 07-04-1987
Aqaba School Ministry of Education 01-02-1982 01-08-1982
Kuferuba School Ministry of Education 07-04-1982 07-04-1983
Karak Institute Ministry of Public Works and Housing 07-04-1981 07-04-1982